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Innovative Date Coding Technology by Seal-It Systems

Revolutionize Your Product Coding with
Polymer Thermal Inkjet Tech

Working closely with Polytij UK, Seal-it-Systems are now able to offer POLYMER THERMAL INKJET TECHNOLOGY for our range of both rotary and in-line filling/sealing equipment as well as ‘stand-alone’ units for retrofit to customers existing equipment.

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“The science offered by polymer thermal inkjet technology is unique with no human intervention whenever the production line is stopped for 15, 30min or 8 hours, 24 hours or even 72 hours

A key performance measure of polymer thermal inkjet technology is the production ready time or duration times that cartridges need to operate. The Polytij production ready times are a dynamic measure of the true performance of the inks in real world use where many lines operate 24/7, 365 days per year

The ink used also offers excellent adhsion to glass, metal & plastic”

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“ I would personally recommend Seal-It-Systems to any company looking
to purchase equipment of this nature. ”


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