Seal-it-Systems ‘Climbing’ high for charity

2nd March 2016

Owner/Director Paul Whelan is attempting to climb Europe’s highest mountain in June this year and will be using this great adventure as way to raise money for Christies Charity -

Please feel free to donate by either contacting Paul or at Just Giving -

More Detail

4x Hand press units for accurate and guaranteed insertion of nozzle for liquid nicotine bottles

Semi auto press for the assembly of liquid nicotine dispenser

A ‘Pressing’ project

2nd March 2016

Working closely with our customers production and R&D team Seal-it-Systems quickly designed/manufactured 4x hand press units and 3x semi auto presses in order to allow for the urgent production of a NEW liquid nicotine dispensing system – The whole process from order to supply was carried out in 2 weeks. Both systems worked on a 10 up format and are now in full production

Control panel & Light curtain for m/c start/E-Stop

Rotary table with 6x st/st tin location rings

Pre-cut lid magazine, heat seal station and forming unit

‘Tin sealing’

2nd March 2016

Sealing non plastic containers has always been a major challenge so when the initial enquiry for sealing tins of a new balm for a leading cosmetics brand arrived on my desk there where several items to consider – e.g. Does the tin have a ‘special’ coating, is there a heat seal coating that will seal to the tin, can we design a sealing system to conform to the tin and provide enough heat, time & pressure to activate a seal?

All the above had to be tested and several versions of tins and seals had to be rejected but working closely with both Crown (tin supplier) and Ballerstaedt & Co in Germany we finally arrived at a workable solution

Fully automated cut & sealing system for buckets

17th Nov 2015

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Super Sealer (6up) semi auto ‘cut & seal’ machine

A ‘Sticky Toffee’ project’

21st Oct 2015

In order to increase product output and solve a problem with sealing ‘baked’ PET lined cups a well-known pudding company from Cartmel employed Seal-it-Systems to develop a machine and sealing system for their new project. The project involved working closely both the customer & film suppler (Rockwell Solutions) – The finished product uses transparent film with ‘easy’ peel and our 6 cavity ‘cut & seal’ Super Sealer machine

Paul Mayall – Technical Manager

Main machine showing control panel

Test area which allows for a full repeat of material to be leak tested

Investment in leak testing equipment

21st Oct 2015

Quality underpins everything that we do at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging. To ensure this we have recently worked closely with Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd to develop purpose-built leak testing equipment for our business. This will check for even the slightest damage in any of our materials and guarantee that there are no faults in the products we deliver to our customers.

The main reason for heat seal lidding is to provide total product integrity via a hermetic (airtight) seal. To ensure this we use many different quality control measures including testing both the peel force (opening power) and burst strength (e.g. can the seal withstand high external pressure) of our lids. As a business we have always carried out leak testing. However, this investment in new technology will enable us to test to the highest possible level, to identify even the tiniest micro hole and guarantee maximum product freshness and shelf life.

Some processes, such as ‘pin dot embossing’ on polyester, do carry a very small risk of damaging the material, but the new leak tester can quickly and effectively check for damage across the full width and repeat of the material to ensure that damaged material is not processed.

This is a very important piece of equipment for us, which will have a marked impact on the business and reaffirms our commitment to enhancing quality in every aspect of the production process.

ET900T semi auto sealer

Large format sealing

18th May 2015

Seal-it-Systems are pleased to announce the delivery and installation of an ET900T machine to local Healthcare company Trio Healthcare. This project has involved in depth development with both the tray & film supplier in order the achieve the customers specific requirements for seal/peel quality

The machine is semi-auto with a 2 hand start system. Tray size is 490.0 x 345.0mm with 20+ individual compartments which require sealing. Quick change tooling was also supplied as there are currently 5x tray formats with different cavity shapes. Tooling costs were reduced by using a common lower tool with inserts and 1x cutting blade with interchangeable seal faces

The machine was also supplied with modifications such as pre-tensioning of the seal film and film feed prior to sealing as opposed to the standard process of cut then feed. This was a critical process requirement due to the sensitive nature of the sealing film

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Twin pot tester

15th May 2015

Working closely with both Yeo Valley & Greiner Packaging SIS have designed & manufactured a purpose built machine for testing ‘twin pots’. The pot ‘break strength’ is critical to both the production process and customer satisfaction. If pots break too easily they cannot be processed by the filling & sealing machine and if they are too hard to break then customers will be unhappy with the product quality.

In order to prevent these problems SIS were asked to develop a simple ‘GO – NO-GO’ test unit. The unit is air operated and has two independent tests that can be set at different pull forces in order to test pots during production at Greiner Packaging.

MK3 semi auto sealer with optional height adjustment and anti-rotation device

Breakfast at SIS

15th December 2014

As we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and convenience is now a major selling point for cereal companies. The introduction of porridge pots, ready to eat cereal and breakfast drinks has led to a surge in NPD for several key suppliers as well as contract packers requiring small to medium size pot/bottle sealing equipment. Our most recent project was to supply a highly versatile machine that could seal bottles as well as a wide range of pre-formed pots. The MK3 semi auto sealing machine will be located in the R&D center and allow the company to pack prototype samples for market testing & product stability without having to interfere with production or time consuming trials at contract packers

4up Super Sealer running printed film ‘cut & seal’ in register

High Flying pots

28th November 2014

In order to increase product shelf life and solve a problem with plastic caps/labelling a major ‘in-flight’ catering company employed Seal-it-Systems to develop a machine and sealing system for their new PET cups. The project involved working closely both pot & film suppler (FFP) – The finished products uses a two side printed film and our 4 cavity ‘cut & seal’ Super Sealer machine

Seal-it-Systems ‘in-line’ sealing unit for the application of pre-cut foil discs

Turn-key project for liquid filing & sealing

17th November 2014

When contract packer, Complete Core Solutions was tasked with sealing 5.0mm tubes they needed expert advice on not only the sealing equipment but on how to handle such small seals. Seal-it-Systems have worked on similar projects and several years earlier developed a sheet/reel feed system in conjunction with Parafix Labels & Tapes which allows for the ‘easy’ application of small and unusual shaped seals. Initial tests and first off production was carried out using our MK3 semi auto sealer following which a purpose built in-line unit was manufactured and installed in conjunction with a servo driven conveyor

MK3 semi auto sealer

Optigene 4up tooling (Genie® Strips with pre-cut seals)

Expert DNA

30th October 2014

Optigene are a specialists in Molecular Diagnostics equipment and consumables for a wide range of applications. In order to improve product quality and ease of use on their Genie® Strips Seal-it-Systems were asked to design & manufacture a purpose built sealing system with accurate control of all sealing parameters as melt down of the finished (sealed) strip was extremely critical to the end user. Seal-it-Systems also designed the pre-cut seal with 2x peel tabs for ‘easy’ opening when in the ‘field’ of use. The above was achieved using an MK3 semi auto seal and 4up tooling

MK3 semi auto sealing machine & tooling with silicone seal gasket

Card sealing on a large scale

21st October 2014

A local Health Care specialist R&D center had an urgent requirement for not only R&D but small scale production of heat sealed cardboard sheets. The project required a machine with flexible ‘quick change’ tooling in order to allow different shapes and sizes of parts to be sealed. This project involved a special oversize MK3 sealer with increased sealing force and additional parts due to the physical size of the cardboard sheets

Sealed & Delivered – SIS packing service

21st November 2013

When Jim Drew of Fuzzy Brush contacted us for a ‘cut & seal’ machine what was a simple machine order turned into a full scale packaging project – The initial plan was to provide Fuzzy Brush with a 1up machine for heat sealing chewable toothbrushes into a 6 cavity PET blister.

During our initial discussions Jim quickly realized the extent of our expertise in all aspects of machinery & packaging. SIS therefore agreed to specify and supply the heat seal lidding material and carry out the actual packaging of the product. In order to achieve this we have manufactured a special clean area and taken on additional staff.

We are now looking forward to continued orders for the Fuzzy Brush retails packs and further developing our relationship with Jim

For further information on how Seal-it-Systems can help with new products please contact Paul Whelan –

Fuzzy Brush – now available in retail packs Contact: Jim Drew at Fuzzy HQ -

MK3 for beverage pod development

21st November 2013

In the fast moving market of ‘in-home’ and ‘leisure’ type beverage systems having new, innovative and cost effective solutions for consumables is key to any businesses success. Increased competition and alternatives to the leading brands means that NPD is vital for keeping your product in the No.1 spot

In order to achieve this, a major player in the beverage market has just taken delivery of a purpose built MK3 semi auto sealer for their European R&D facility. The machine allows for quick and easy batch production of all current products as well as new developments without having to interrupt high cost production lines therefore giving R&D total control of the development timescales, etc

Quick change tooling allows R&D to test new shapes, materials and all aspects for the packs performance. The MK3 sealer offers total control of all sealing parameters including seal time, temperature and pressure therefore making it the ideal choice for R&D, NPD and small batch production

For further information on the MK3 and our full range of machines please go to the products page

All change – SIS parts service

21st November 2013

In order to remain competitive and obtain NEW business companies in all sectors have to be more flexible in the types of packaging they can run through production. Most projects start off with one type or size of container and lidding system so the packer specifies the machine accordingly

The machine is delivered and all runs as required, then the customer or retailer decides to change the container to another type, size or supplier – ‘No big deal’ or is it? If the packaging does NOT correctly fit the machine then items such as de-nesting, sealing, etc will never work 100% and production will be faced with increased down time and wastage. Engineering will continually alter and re-set the machine but if the key parts such as lid magazine, cup rings and seal plates are not suitable then all this work is in vain

The only way to run efficiently is to have specific machine parts for each packing item – These are what we call ‘change parts’ The problem with ‘change parts’ is generally cost if supplied by the machine supplier or what often happens is that in order to save money companies out source the parts to local engineering companies who have no knowledge of how these parts need to interact with the packaging

Seal-it-Systems have an excellent understanding of not only the machinery but over 20 year expert knowledge of both containers (pot, tubs, etc) and lidding material (pre-cut /reel feed) this places us in an ideal position to design and supply change parts for a wide range of machinery

For further information on how Seal-it-Systems can help with change parts or assess your current set-up please contact Paul Whelan -

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SIS 30 - Rotary filling & sealing for sauce

25th June 2013

When successful sachet manufacture Gary from UK Food Producers Ltd decided to move into 'Dip Pots' he looked at several machine options before giving the order to SIS

During the early stages of the project in-depth testing and customer trials were carried our using existing filling equipment along side SIS's MK1 hand sealer. This unit allowed Gary to sample several customers with actual packed & sealed product before taking delivery of the fully automated machine

This allowed Gary to ‘short cut’ his time to market meaning that full scale production could start immediately once the SIS 30 was installed

As Gary already had spare capacity on his Riggs Depositor it was decided to use this in conjunction with our rotary machine. The SIS 30 therefore drops the 71.0mm pots and indexes to the Riggs depositor that is linked to our PLC, on completion of the fill cycle there is a pre-cut lid station, IR lid sensor, heat seal and then pot lift/eject to a 1.5m conveyor. SIS also installed a Sauven date coder therefore providing UK Food Packers with a fully integrated process

Gary is now supplying several customers with 'Dip Pots' and is already looking to expand his range of products & sizes with changes parts for the SIS 30 machine

Seal-it-Systems look forward to continued involvement in Gary's future developments and would like to thank both Riggs Autopack & Sauven for their assistance in bringing this project to a successful outcome

For further information on all the companies involved please call: Gary - 07909 942 893 or go to:

Technical Support

24th June 2013

Following another year of growth and demand for fully automated machinery such as the SIS 30 we have purchased a new 'Technical Support Vehicle' - or in simple terms, A VAN As more customers want SIS to be involved at all levels of their projects and provide on-site support for NPD and Continuos Improvement it is essential that we can respond and be 'ready to go'

The vehicle also allows ‘own transport’ delivery and on-site training by our highly trained engineers

For further information please email us at -

Bucket lidding ‘made easy’

7th August 2012

Working closely with SCHOELLER ARCA SYSTEMS (Ropac® Pails), Seal-it-Systems have developed a multi-purpose semi automatic lidding machine that makes lid application safe & simple.

In general most companies are still applying lids by hand with the aid of a rubber mallet and both the end user and the bucket/pail suppliers have realized that this practice is no longer acceptable. With this in mind SIS developed the ‘Semi automatic lidder’.

The SIS unit can handle buckets/pails from 5L to 30L using quick change legs and pressure plates. Special adaptors are also available for pre-location of bucket & lid were required (e.g. Liquid pails).

The machine is equipped with a 2 hand start circuit for Heath & Safety requirements.

Current users of this unit include inks & coatings manufactures as well as several food companies.

We also offer the MK1 & MK3 snap on lidder which is ideal for smaller pots used for packing soup, seeds, popcorn, etc...

For more information on SCHOELLER ARCA SYSTEMS (Ropac® Pails) and their products visit -

Foodex 2012

29th February 2012

Please come and see us at Foodex 2012, stand No. E248. You can find more information about the show here:

Seal-it-Systems 'Spices' up production at Kitchen Guru

31st Jan 2012

Following an on-site assessment of current production SIS have supplied a single station Super Sealer for heat sealing and cutting of Kitchen Guru’s 32 cavity spice tray.

Current out-put was running at approx. 120 trays per hour due to the manual process of pushing & pulling both tray and film. The film also had to be cut & clamped by hand therefore creating possible issues with alignment, etc...

The introduction of the semi-auto Super Sealer which is equipped with auto tray & film feed/cutting will increase production to over 300 trays per hour. The new machine also seals in a fraction of the time taken at present (2.0 seconds as opposed to 9.0 seconds).

Additional features such as anti-static bars have also led to other advantages of reduced product contamination and a cleaner process.

Kitchen Guru are now manufacturing both their own brand spice kits as well as a 'new' range for a major spice company.

For more information on Kitchen Guru and their products visit -

'The Apprentice'

31st Jan 2012

Whilst Seal-it-Systems did not need 10 weeks and a TV show to find our apprentice we are extremely pleased to announce the appointment of 18 year old Philip Buckley as our first trainee heat seal machine expert.

Following yet another year of growth a decision was made to take on an apprentice who will work very closely with our small team and therefore quickly develop the specialist knowledge required to design & build our range of machines. Philip will spend several weeks per year at Training 2000 in order to gain relevant qualifications along side the in-house training provided by SIS.

The appointment will also allow us to bring certain machining in-house therefore providing greater control over leads times and therefore providing even faster service to our customers.

The Team at Seal-it-Systems wishes Philip ever success in his new career at SIS.

SIS is 10 years old this month

26th May 2011

SIS has seen incredible growth and challenges in the last 10 years and we are pleased to be bigger and better than ever. Our customer list keeps on growing and if our recent recruiting of a new member of the engineering team is any indication it won't be stopping any time soon. It has been a pleasure serving our customers over the years and we look forward to the next 10!

Tub sealing for Tubzee

26th May 2011

SIS are pleased to be working with this rapidly expanding company and have recently delivered a 4up 'cut & seal' machine for their new range of 500ml pots. Tubzee have opted for a polypropylene version of the 500ml ice cream pack supplied by Intelpack as it was felt that the plastic container provided a better and longer lasting pack. The 4up semi auto Super Sealer has the capability to produce up to 7000 packs per day. Film can be plain or printed and registered cutting comes as standard on ALL machines.

Local customer relations

27th April 2011

Our relationship with Intellicig continues to grow and we are currently working on projects for sealing both individual & multi-cavity blisters. Following the success of an extremely challenging project to seal 7.0mm diameter tubes Chris Lord of Intellicig now considers SIS to be the No.1 experts in heat sealing. This is further strengthened by our flexible service and honest approach to their requirements – 'Once again our vast knowledge of both machinery and lidding materials has helped a new product to market'

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Cocktails at SIS

27th March 2011

Following over two years of development entrepreneur Nick Wall has successfully launched his brand of ready to drink cocktail - Tails. After meeting Nick we knew this innovative product was going to be well received and in big demand.

Using our expertise in both machinery and heat seal lidding SIS guided Tails through all aspects of the sealing process in order to arrive at a user friendly and secure pack – for more information on the Tails brand visit

Excellent start to 2011

1st March 2011

Sales in January & February have already overtaken our 2010 sales for the same period. March has started well with orders for 2x MK1 machines, and a crimper for yet another well know restaurant.

Super Sealer sales are at their highest level, again showing that ‘cut & seal’ offers certain advantages over other forms of sealing. MK3 machines continue to be the machine of choice for the BIO-Tech and Heath Care markets for packing items such as DNA test kits and reagent vials/cartridges for issues such as diabetes and non-human forms of testing

6-Pack success for Suncrest, Malawi

6-Pack success for Suncrest, Malawi

9nd September 2010

Having found the perfect combination of 6 pack pot and pre-cut seal Suncrest Dairy in Malawi needed a heat seal solution for their product. Following our expert advice they ordered an MK3 semi auto machine and the combination was complete providing a 100% seal on all 6 pots every time.


in-line tub sealer

Wet Wipes

25nd August 2010

Swine flu and the continued fight against bugs has lead to a massive growth in the medical wipes industry. As an already well established supplier to this industry Seal-it-Systems has been closely involved with several major suppliers in the supply of both additional machinery for existing pre-cut sealing as well as the conversion to cut & seal systems. Our most recent installation is a fully auto 5 head machine offering the ability to seal various sizes of container on one ‘in-line’ unit. The machine uses reel fed plastic laminate and has a production speed of 50 per minute. The customer is so impressed with the quality & service that they have already placed an order for a 2nd identical system.

Local customer

2nd August 2010

When SIS was contacted by Intellicig looking for a specialist heat seal solution we were amazed to find that the company was based in our own town of Accrington. At present Accrington is only 'famous' for one thing, our football team Accrington Stanley although according to some Seal-it-Systems is running a close 2nd so watch this space.

Record year for Seal-it-Systems

21st July 2010

2009/2010 has been a record year for our small yet growing company. The decision to employ Alan Ogden in late 2008 has proven to be a key factor in developing the business and allowing us to take on more specialist projects as well as increasing sales in the area of fully automatic filling machines.

The business continues to be an excellent mix of food & non-food customers. We continue to work closely with small ‘start-ups’ as well as blue chip companies looking for expertise in heat sealing. Our ability to provide pre-cut as well as reel fed (cut & seal) systems is seen as a major strength for SIS as well as our customers.

Sales of MK1 hand sealers have been strong although June & July has seen several orders for MK3 and MK4 machines (several of these have been customers upgrading for more control and production output). The Super Sealer range is by far our best selling range with prices that offer cut & seal technology well below our competitors (available in both semi auto and fully auto options with productions speeds of up to 50 cpm).

Semi Auto Heat Sealers in Motion

22nd June 2010

Watch more VDO’s of our Semi Auto Quick Sealers 2 series in application. Read more...

See us at Foodex 2010

Excellent end to 2009

4th January 2009

An extremely busy last quarter with several machine sales to the Medical Wipes industry, due to the increased demand for anti-bacterial wipes. We have seen orders from both new and existing customer who needed extra sealing capacity at very short notice. SIS met demand and supplied machines in less than 7 days.

Other projects have included MK1 machines for Appleby Bakery's Steam Puddings, Macrae Foods who are parts of the Youngs Seafood group for sealing fish pate and Quick Sealers (cut & seal system) to Chester Medical and 151 Products.

Our ongoing developments for the MDS (Managed Dosing System) market has now led to the sale of 3 semi auto blister sealing machines to a high profile customer. Work continues with two other customers with orders expected in early 2010.

The MK1 Rotary has also proved popular with orders from Kates Cakes, Cool Pump Dairy and St Tola.

‘Bucket Sealing made easy’ – With the help of SIS, Spice O’Live in Eire are now able to offer 5 & 10L buckets with a tamper evident plastic heat seal film. The products are hot filled and then sealed with a PET/PP laminate that was also supplied by SIS.

Exports to Saudi Arabia – SIS are pleased to be working with Napco Compact and Napco Multipack. Both companies produce packaging materials and have chosen SIS machines for the Quality Control/R&D functions. Napco Compact are using a MK1 for seal testing Paper PE tubes whilst their sister company Napco Multipack have opted for the MK3 including change parts for sealing 95.0mm & 73.0mm pots.

We are now looking forward to 2010 when our first fully automated tub sealing line will be supplied to a major Medical Wipes company – more information on this machine will be available on our website in the near future.

March 2010 will also see us exhibiting at Foodex -

HLB A150 shrink Sleever

Seal-it-Systems to Supply Sleeving Machines

20th July 2009

Following several months of in depth investigations heat seal machinery specialist Seal-it-Systems have teamed up with Hardgoods in order to offer the UK market a new supplier of high quality sleeving machines.

Paul Whelan, a Director at SIS feels that the time is right to expand their range and move into the fast growing decorative sleeve market. Hardgoods have designed and manufactured sleeving machines for the Far East since the late 90's and therefore have specialist knowledge and expertise in this sector. SIS stated that they have chosen Hardgoods due to their specialist skills in electric hot air shrinks tunnels and the ability to offer both low & high speed lines (up to 600 bpm). As an engineering oriented company the build quality of any machine supplied by SIS is key and was a major factor in the selection process.

For further information on the SIS-Hardgoods range of sleeving machines please visit - or call +44(0)1254 239619

MK3 semi-automatic heat seal machine

SIS ‘double’ at Noble Foods

8th July 2009

Heat seal machinery specialists Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. have recently supplied two semi automated heat seal machines to Noble Foods. The first machine was an MK3 for sealing 2up 130.0 x 130.0mm 4 pack pots with pre-cut polyester lidding for the GU brand. This was quickly followed by a 2up Quick Sealer for 157.0 x 157.0mm trays for a new high quality desert. The Quick Sealer uses ‘cut & seal’ technology allowing Noble Foods to use lower gauge fully transparent polyester lidding.

These machines are just part of the range available from SIS, which includes Hand operated and fully-automatic sealers for applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, and Bio-Tech Industries.

“We are often approached by customers who have a new low to medium volume projects and therefore need sealing solutions in order to get the product to market at a relatively low cost to the packer,” said Paul Whelan, of SIS. “Our machines are also extremely useful for R&D and Quality assurance testing with many major dairies and food companies having at least one machine.”

SIS are also in the process of introducing low & high speed sleeving machines for the decorative sleeve market –

Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. full range of equipment can be seen at


Seal-it-Systems ‘Cut & Seal’ it for cream packer

31st June 2009

Heat seal machinery specialists, Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd have recently delivered a semi automatic heat seal machine to Tomlinson’s Dairy. The machine operates with reel fed material and offers a 2 up ‘cut & seal’ profile that looks and performs in exactly the same way as conventional pre-cut seals.

Paul Whelan, Director at SIS stated “this is one of several ‘cut & seal’ machines we have sold in the last few months for a wide variety of applications. This range of machines is very well priced and has excellent functions and flexibility. All machines come with an easy load/un-load facility, the option to run plain or printed film, digital counter and quick change tooling”.

SIS has seen a real growth in this type of system due to the large savings that can be made by using the ‘cut & seal’ process.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Paul Whelan or Alan Ogden.

Tel: +44 (0) 1254 239619
Mobile: +44 (0) 7824 636371

Tray sealer complete with date coder

“Seal-it-Systems – Projects update 2009”

1st March 2009

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems reports an excellent start to 2009 with projects covering a wide range of applications and market sectors. At present growth is coming from non-food sectors such as medical wipes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and MDS sealing systems. SIS are currently working on 4x prototype machines for various MDS and pharma projects.

Duchy Originals have taken delivery of two Super Sealers. The cut & seal units are capable of sealing both round and rectangular trays. This is our 3rd project with Duchy Originals and we hope to continue working with them as their requirements for heat sealing develop.

D & M Gedney are now up and running with a 2nd Super Sealer. The machine cuts & seal 2 up large rectangular food trays and we are currently in discussions for further machines which will cut & seal 4 up trays per cycle.

RMS Solutions have been successfully filling & sealing vodka shots for the last 3 to 4 years with 2x SIS 30 rotary machines. The standard machines run with stacking cups but a change by the end user has required a full scale modification to 1x machine in order to allow the easy use of free standing shot glasses.

Other orders include a heat seal to glass MK3 for Sweets Slow Stuff and MK1 heat seal machines for Glowcroft, TechTex & Mabrouka Cosmetics.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Paul Whelan or Alan Ogden.

Tel: +44 (0) 1254 239619
Mobile: +44 (0) 7824 636371

Cumberland Dairies glass pot with a Printed aluminium seal supplied by Chadwicks

Seal-it-Systems – Projects update September 2008

1st September 2008

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems reports an extremely positive 2008 with increased sales and orders from companies such as Smiths Detection, Yeo Valley, Invo8, Primetake and Protomed.

Protomed have now taken delivery of a 3rd blister sealing machine for their ‘NEW’ MDS system. The machines are customer specific with an internal compressed air supply, film clamps and an innovative side ‘spot’ seal system which is a 1st for SIS – ‘This has been a very challenging project with a large amount of R&D but SIS believe that we have met the brief and supplied Protomed with an excellent machine’ -

Inov8 approached SIS with a problem of how to seal an aggressive product and maintain its integrity over a long shelf life. Using our extensive materials knowledge we have been able to select the correct extrusion coated material and match this with the sealing capability on an MK3 sealer. The end result is an extremely satisfied customer and a product that works.

Other orders include a heat seal to glass MK3 for Cumberland Dairy, an MK1 for Leagram Organic Dairy, a 2nd MK1 crimp seal machine for Gordon Ramsay and Quick Sealers for D & M Gedney & Reckitt Benckiser.

Foodex Meatex – This was a very positive show and SIS have already signed up for 2010.

MK3s get NEW digital control – As from the 20th August ALL MK3 machines will be supplied with both digital temperature controllers and timers. These new units provide improved control and adjustment. Temperature control is now linked to a solid state relay and sealing time can be set to 10th of a second.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Paul Whelan or Alan Ogden.

Tel: +44 (0) 1254 239619
Mobile: +44 (0) 7824 636371

Seal-it-Systems – Projects update 2008

28th February 2008

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems reports a busy end to 2007 and promising start to 2008 with sales to companies such as Unilever R&D (Holland), Hawkshead Relish and Aran Candy.

Unilever R&D has taken delivery of a modified Super Sealer. The cut & seal unit has been separated from the main control panel in order to allow it to be placed in a sterile glove box. SIS is now in the process of quoting for change parts in readiness for a new project.

Hawkshead Relish is now sealing their Sapphire jars with an MK1 hand sealer. The pre-cut seals are also supplied by SIS and according to Mark Whitehead the company is now achieving extended shelf life on their products.

Gourmet Jelly Bean company, Aran Candy have recently traded in their two Super Sealers for a fully automated SIS-30. Aran Candy has worked with SIS from the outset of heat sealing and increased orders have led to the need for a fully automated system. The standard volumetric filling system has been removed so that filling can be carried out by Aran Candy’s existing Ishida filler. The 75.0mm paper PE cups are cut & sealed with a clear plastic film.

Other orders include a heat seal to glass Super Sealer for Duchy Originals Foods, MK1 crimp seal machine for Gordon Ramsay’s Paris restaurant and MK1 hand sealers for Softbox Systems & Colonix.

The NEW range of ‘Snap-on lid’ machines is also proving popular with a second order received from Whitford Plastic for closing 5L buckets.

Foodex Meatex – Following a successful appearance at the 2007 Total Process & Packaging show SIS will be exhibiting at Foodex Meatex at the NEC between 6 & 9 April 2008.

We look forward to meeting NEW and existing customers. On display will be two Super Sealers and our starting model, the MK1.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Paul Whelan or Alan Ogden.

Tel: +44 (0) 1254 239619
Mobile: +44 (0) 7824 636371

Dairy Wagon gets ‘sealed’ by SIS

29th October 2007

Heat seal machinery specialists Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. have recently supplied an MK1 hand sealer along with pots and seals to the Peak District Dairy Wagon.

SIS is often approached by small customers such as farmers who are looking to diversify into value added products such as cream, yoghurt or ice cream. These start-up ventures then need the ability and equipment for sealing low volume production. Having seen the Dairy Wagon initiative on TV Seal-it-Systems decided to approach the organizers and offer our best sealing MK1 free of charge so that as well as demonstrating how to make the products the Technician can show how to pack them.

“We are very impressed with the Dairy Wagons commitment to helping farmers with diversification and hope to offer our full support with the issue of packaging”, said Paul Whelan, managing director of SIS.

Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. full range of equipment can be seen at

Discover the business benefits that have been achieved as a result of recent SIS 'on site' Technical Consultancy Reviews we have carried out for our customers


Technical Visit Report 1

Technical Visit Report 2

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Seal-it-Systems – Projects update 2008

21st October 2007

Want to increase filling line uptime and reduce product waste?

It’s true a filling line is only as efficient as its weakest part, so it’s important to maximise the performance of the packing machine and packaging materials to optimise overall production efficiency.

SIS Engineers have decades of experience in creating synergy between pre-cut lidding, rigid plastic containers and filling machines to optimise production performance.

Scheduling an onsite review by one of our experts can help you solve process and material problems and bring about production and process efficiencies to your business - saving you time, reducing waste and ultimately adding profit to your bottom line.

We specialise in sealing and dispensing issues and have recently helped Drink Master and Unilever (Pot Noodle) providing advice on machine set-up and proposing machine & process improvements.

On site reviews are followed up with a detailed Technical report and follow-up visits if required.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements

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SIS New Appointment - Alan Ogden

Seal-it-Systems Make New Appointment

1st September 2007

Alan Ogden has recently joined SIS from plastic container manufacturer Wilsanco Plastics. Alan’s role will involve Engineering input and Technical Sales targeting SME’s with the SIS 30 rotary filling machine as well as our range of hand operated and semi-automatic heat sealers.

Alongside his extensive knowledge of rigid plastics Alan has wide-ranging expertise on heat seal lidding and food packaging machinery. SIS also now offer a range of consultancy services both to the packaging supplier and end user. Services include problem solving and process improvements.

For further information on the ‘SIS 30’ and our range of Consultancy Services please contact Paul Whelan or Alan Ogden at Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd.

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Arla Foods Upgrade’s Research & Development Sealer

Seal-it-Systems Make New Appointment

1st February 2007

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems has recently delivered a MK3 semi automatic heat seal machine to Arla Foods research and development centre in East Yorkshire. The machine has quick change parts for sealing 71mm, 86mm and 97mm pots.

Arla Foods already has an SIS MK1 hand operated sealer but chose to upgrade in order to have full control of sealing parameters and to increase accuracy and repeatability of testing.

Frank Whelan, Managing Director at SIS stated: “This is one of several MK3s we have sold in the last 12 months for a wide variety of applications. This range of machines is very well priced and has excellent functions and flexibility. The MK3 machine is already widely used by many large food packaging and dairy companies as well as material and pot suppliers for quality control and research & development.”

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Frank Whelan at Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd.

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Tray sealer complete with date coder

“Seal-it-Systems head for the Highlands”

1st May 2006

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems have recently delivered equipment to The Caledonian Curry Company for packing both the companies ready meals and dip pots.

The Caledonian Curry Company owned by Chef Ian Smith required a machine that could seal both rectangular trays for ready prepared meals as well as his new range of round dip pots. The solution was provided by Seal-it-Systems ‘Super Sealer’ which includes quick change parts for both applications. The 71.0mm dip pots are sealed 2-up per cycle whilst the tray is a 1-up operation. Both items are cut & sealed with reel fed film.

Frank Whelan, Managing Director at SIS stated “this is one of several Super Sealers we have sold in the last 12 months for a wide variety of applications. This range of machines is very well priced and has excellent functions such as a digital counter and easy to use set-up functions. The operator simply places the container(s) and the machine does the rest, therefore leaving the operator free to carry out another process. The machines can operate with plain or printed film and can also be supplied with a date coding device. Upper & lower sealing tools can be easily changed in less than 5 minutes”

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Frank Whelan at Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd.

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Customer specific pressure tester

“Seal-it-Systems – April projects”

25th April 2006

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems reports a busy April with sales to companies such as GSK and Kodak.

GSK have ordered an MK3 for their R&D facility whilst Kodak has opted for the reel fed Super Sealer. Both machines have been specified with quick change sealing heads and interchangeable container support systems.

Other orders include a MK3 for Quotient Diagnostics and 5x MK1 hand sealers for Horse Racing Forensics. These MK1’s are used for heat sealing a tamper evident seal onto bottles containing horse urine which are then sent for drug testing.

The NEW range of ‘Snap-on lid’ machines is also proving popular with orders received for a further 2x machines from Snack Solutions. This now takes total sales to 8x machines.

Finally, this month will see the installation of a 2nd rotary filler at Manchester Drinks. Due to successful sales of the SHUDA brand of flavoured vodka shots SIS have been asked to supply an identical machine to the one supplied in 2005.

Test equipment – Following the sale of an MK1 hand sealer to Softbox Systems, SIS were asked to design and manufacture a piece of test equipment that could be used for QA purposes. The ‘standard’ test method of burst testing by means of vacuum was not suitable so SIS designed a pneumatic unit that applied a set pressure to the container therefore applying outward pressure on the seal. The system has been so successful that Softbox Systems have now requested changes parts for another container size and a 2nd machine for testing its gel bags.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Frank Whelan at Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd.

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Semi Automatic Machine for applying snap on lids

“Snap on lid” Solutions

26th January 2006

Heat seal machinery specialist, Seal-it-Systems has recently supplied Snack Solutions with two semi-automatic machines for applying snap-on-lids to candy floss and other novelty buckets.

Snack Solutions have previously worked with SIS when they needed to heat seal tubs of popcorn with pre cut lidding and therefore approached SIS for a solution for this project.

Frank Whelan, Managing Director at SIS stated “we have been approached by several companies who needed an easy and consistent method for applying snap-on-lids. These simple, low cost machines have been well received by customers as they no longer need to hand apply the lid, which improves productivity and efficiency as well as the health & safety of operators”.

For further information on these machines and other heat seal equipment contact Frank Whelan at Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd.

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SHUDA lid designs

SHUDA gets seal of Approval

4th October 2005

Heat seal machinery specialists Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. have recently supplied a fully automated heat seal machine to Manchester based Glenarvon. The filling and sealing system was commissioned for a new project involving the sealing of a small polypropylene shot glass for flavoured alcohol. The new product is on sale in ASDA under the brand name of ‘SHUDA’. The lidding material is an ‘easy peel’ aluminium supplied by Chadwicks who have worked closely with both SIS and Glenarvon on the project.

The machine is just one in a range of machines available from SIS, which includes Hand operated and Semi-automatic sealers for applications in the Food, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, and Bio-Tech Industries. SIS has also recently introduced a range of cut & seal machines aimed at deli counters and other fast food outlets.

"We are often approached by customers who have a new low to medium volume product but no sealing equipment to get started and our range of machines allows products to be brought to the market at a relatively low cost to the packer,” said Frank Whelan, managing director of SIS. “Our manual machines are also extremely useful for R&D and Quality assurance testing with many major dairy and food companies having at least one machine.”

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MK1 heat seal machine

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

10th May 2005

UK based heat seal machinery specialists Seal-it-Systems (SIS) Ltd. have recently supplied two hand operated heat seal machines to Stamen Paper, NSW. The MK1 sealers were required for a new project involving the sealing of a paper PE tubes, which are supplied to the end user for filling and closing with a pre-formed base. The lidding material is an ‘easy peel’ aluminium with a co-ex sealing layer supplied by UK based Chadwicks of Bury Ltd. who also have offices in Sydney.

The is one of a range of machines manufactured by SIS, which includes MK1R with a manually operated rotary table; MK3 Semi-automatic sealer and MK4 that offers a container eject system.

"We are often approached by customers who have a new project or a low volume product but no sealing equipment and our range of machines allow products to be brought to the market at a relatively low cost to the packer,” said Frank Whelan, managing director of SIS. “The machines are also extremely useful for R&D and Quality assurance testing with many major dairy and food companies having at least one machine.”

In addition SIS have also recently launched a compact vacuum chamber designed specifically for the testing of sealed containers such as yogurt pots and other products that require an air tight seal.

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