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Test equipment

Seal integrity continues to on our agenda with recent sales of our Vacuum chamber (Burst tester) to Podpak, Primula and Freaks of Nature.

All of these companies understand the importance of providing 100% sealed products to the market therefore ensuring ZERO product wastage and costly rejections or even product recalls The Seal-it-System burst tester is a simple and cost effective unit for either production or lab testing. The sealed pack(s) are simply placed inside the unit and subjected to vacuum which then tries to 'burst' the pack.

The tests can be either destructive (e.g. at what point does the pack burst or Non-destructive – e.g. the unit can be set to pull a pre-determined vacuum that tests the pack but does not actually cause the pack to burst)

We can also design & manufacture specialist test equipment for other applications such as breakability testing on multipack pots, etc

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